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Road To Gratitude

There's  family you're born with, and  family you build with.

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We asked our team — WHO INSPIRES YOUR PASSION?

Because it's way more than a hobby. Here are some stories to remind us what it's all about.
Video - Breanna's Story

The whole reason I'm racing is my dad

Bree tells us who sparked her racing career.

Doug - Bree's Story

ready to tackle it at full force

I can count on my dad to be a shoulder to lean on, a teacher to learn from, and a best friend to live out my dreams with.

Tyson's story

At some point, everyone loses their motivation to continue

She understood that project meant a lot to me and she wouldn't let me quit on it.

Video - Frank's Story

You had to have a Schnee

Frank Galusha talks about the legendary influence on his racing career.

Brian - Frank's Story

He's an icon and a legend

Not only is Brian is one of the most decorated car builders, but he is extremely giving and full of life.

Alanna's story

I'm all in and I owe my dad 100%

I'm thankful for my dad. I'm thankful for him for many reasons and getting me involved in this industry is just one of them.

Video - Jess's Story

They're good men

Jess Gasper, of Speedway Motors' marketing department, shares how a Model A project brought lifelong friendship and a way through grief.

Ken - Jess's Story

IT's a process

Ken was there from day one. They both enjoyed the shop banter and Ken became a rock that George could lean on.

Tyson's story

Thankful for my family

I am thankful that my dad taught me everything I know when it comes to cars, and to never doubt myself.

Video - Tim's Story

He was "larger than life"

Tim Matthews, curator of the Museum of American Speed, talk about his great uncle Jim's life-changing generosity.

Big Heavy - Tim's Story

"Big Heavy" was a hero

By day he, he was the gentle giant managing the Mitchell concrete plant. By night, he was one tough cookie.

He Could Take Brando - Tim's Story

He could take brando in a back alley brawl

His single most important achievement, however, is the rapport that he had with his fellow man.

Carol's story

Learning the art of wax on, wax off

Working on the car never felt like a chore, at least not when we were working with dad.

Jason's story

Nothing like Nebraska Racing

The Nebraska racing community has provided entertainment and friendship that will be with me my whole life.

Steve's story

We were like brothers

But most of all, we were best friends. We were the "real" street outlaws before there were Street Outlaws on TV.